dr Agnieszka Ślusarczyk conductor manager

Agnieszka Ślusarczyk - conductor, manager of art. Born in Łódź.

EDUCATION. She graduated the Musical School Complex in the class of cello and solo singing of the Vocal and Acting Department in Lodz. In 1994-1999 she studied in the Musical Academy in Lodz in the Faculty of Composition, Theory, Music Education and Eurhythmy and graduated after defense of the master’s study on changes in wedding rituals observed in the Central Poland area. In course of her studies, she graduated a teaching course devoted to teaching play instruments. She completed the Post-graduate Study for Managers of Culture in the Main Commercial College in Warsaw (in 2002) and the Post-graduate Study for Choir Conductors, organized by the Culture Animation Center and the Musical Academy in Bydgoszcz (in 2002), Post-graduate Study Projects of European Union (in 2005) on the University of Technology in Wroclaw and Post-graduate Study School Advisor Professional on the University in Opole (in 2006).

AWARDS. In 2006 she was awarded prizes individual regional edition of the Festival of Folklore and Folk Art "Autumn of folklore" in Dobrzeń Wielki. In 2009 she received the special award for the entirety of the work with vocal-instrumental teams in the XVIII Choir Festival and of Teams of the German Minority in Walce (Silesia). In 2012 she received the special award in the XVIII.th Festival of Polish Patriotic Song in Olszanka (Silesia) for chief of "Kupskie Echo" Group.

ACTIVITY. In 1996, she participated in foundation of the GAI Singing Poetry Group, in which she acted until 2001. In the period of 1999-2002 she was engaged in the Culture House of Lodz as a musician-instructor providing care for music and folk bands in the Lodz District area. She was also engaged in organization of the Review of Folk Music and Art “Traditions”, as well as of the Lodz Choir Festival "Cantio Lodziensis" and of eliminations for the Festival of Carols and Pastorale in Będzin. She took part as juror in many folk and amateur work reviews. 2003-2006 she was working as music teather in Opole's schools, her groups won many times prizes in the city and Opolskie Competition. 2005-2007 she was the manager of the Group "Schlesierklang" and co-operates with the "Przysieczanki" Group from Przysiecz (Silesia). 2005-2007 she was the artistic manager of the Children Vocal Group "Małe Ligockie Wrzosy" from Ligota Prószkowska. She participated in organizartion of the Review of Folk Musik and Art "Autumn with Folklore" in Dobrzeń Wielki. 2006-2007 she was working as Plenipotentiary of Dean of Department Historic - Pedagogical on the University in Opole (in questions of investigative projects). 2008-2009 she was the Director of Strzelecki Center of Culture in Strzelce Opolskie (Silesia). 2013-2014 she was the artistic manager of "Ligocianki" Group in Ligota Prószkowska (Silesia).

Since 2006 she is the artistic manager of "Kupskie Echo" Group in Kup (Silesia). Again from 2009 she is working with the "Ligockie Wrzosy" Group from Ligota Prószkowska (Silesia). In 2011 leading group "Frelki", which is the guardian. In 2014 leading group "Four Elements" and from 2015 Team "Vision", which is the guardian. Actively engaged in cultural animation. In November 2014 she defended her doctorate.

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