Przemyslaw Slusarczyk polish conductor composer

Przemysław Ślusarczyk - composer, conductor, manager. Born in Opole (Silesia) in 1973.

EDUCATION. He studied composition under direction of Marek Stachowski and Bogusław Schaeffer (graduated in 1996) in the Musical Academy in Krakow. In the period of 1994-99 he studied conducting in the class of directed by Stanisław Welanyk and obtained a diploma. In 2001 he finished the Postgraduate Study for Managers of Culture in the Main School of Business in Warsaw (SGH).

PRIZES. In 1995, he was a finalist of the International Competition of Composers “Choeur et Maitrises Cathedrales” in Amiens, France. In 1997, Przemysław Ślusarczyk obtained the Grand Prix of the Pablo Sorozabal International Competition of Composers in San Sebastian, Spain. Przemysław Ślusarczyk was three times awarded in the All-Poland Literary Competition namely for the statement about Bolesław Leśmian in w Iłża 1997), in the All-Poland Competition of Poetry “For a Gold Shell of Baltic” in Szczecin (1999) and in the Stanisław Ciesielczuk All-Poland Competition in Hrubieszów (2000). In 2008, he obtained the Award of President of city in Opole. In 2008, Przemysław Ślusarczyk obtained the honorable mention for arrangements of Competition of chorus and groups of german minorities in Walce. In its author's cycles: "Opolski Brass Express", "With orchestra to the Oder River", "With the orchestra in the castles and palaces" received the OROT Award - Best Product of the Opole Voivodship. He is laureate of the Marshal of the Opole Province for Animators and Artists of Culture (2015). In 2016 he received the Gold Cufflinks 2016 (honorable mention in the category of culture and science). In 2019 he was awarded the Silver Laurel of Skills and Competences granted by the Opole Chamber of Commerce and the "Ligockie Wrzosy" group he led - the Opole Magnolia distinction in the culture animator category. In 2020, the Opole Wind Express, which is the originator and producer, received the "Opolskie Brand 2019" in the category of regional promotion. In 2021, he was a scholarship holder of the Marshal of Opole as part of the "Marshal's Talents". In 2022, he was once again a scholarship holder of the Marshal of the Opolskie Voivodeship as part of the "Marshal's Talents".

ART ACTIVITY. In 1993, Przemysław Ślusarczyk founded in Krakow the Contemporary Music Group “In 1234”, aimed at popularization of the contemporary music. He played concerts with the Group till 1997, when the Group was liquidated. In the period 1996-99, he co-operated with the Music Magazine “Vivo”, where was editor of reviews after 1998. From 1998 to 1999 he cooperated with the Tadeusz Sędzimir Smelter Brass Band in Kraków. Moreover, he cooperated with the Experimental Study of Dance in Kraków (1995-99), and with z Jan Kochanowski Theater in Opole (2000). In the period of 1999-2000 he was an assistant conductor in the Filharmony Opole.  In 2001, Przemysław Ślusarczyk was busy in the Center of Artistic Education of the Opole Region. 2001-2018 he was cooperating and with the Municipal Public Library in Opole. In the same time he organized the choir “Opus” in Opole, which conducted till 2004. In 2002 he organized the Vocalgroup in the Tadeusz Kościuszko Electric School Group in Opole, which conducted till 2007. In 2004, he was among the founders of the Vocal Group “Heather of Ligota” in the Ligota Prószkowska and 2004-2007 he was manager of art this group. He is an artistic manager of this group. 2005-2007 he was an artistic manager of the Group “Przysieczanki”. and he cooperated with the Group "Schleisierklang". He is an artistic manager of the group. He was also among the founders and the artistic manager of the Festival of Folk Music and Art “Autumn with Folklore”. 2001-2008 he was cooperating with the Theater of One Verse. 2009-2013 he was conductor and manager of Jemielnica Brass Orchestra. Compositions of Przemysław Ślusarczyk were performed during many concerts and festivals in Poland and abroad. In 2013-2018 he ran a 230 volt ensemble, of which he was the founder. 

Since 2000 he conducts and he is manager of art the Brass Band in the Tadeusz Kościuszko Electric School Group in Opole. In 2004, he was among the founders of the Vocal Group “Heather of Little Ligota” in the Ligota Prószkowska and he is manager of art this group. Since 2006 he cooperates with the Group "Echo from Kup" till now. In 2006 he founded Orkiestra Opole University of Technology. He is an artistic manager and conductor of orchestra. Since 2007 he is working on Opole University of Technology. Since 2011 Politechnic Opole he is an artistic director and manager, a founder of el12 Opole Politechnic Band. Since 2014 he is Conductor of Grudzicka Brass Orchestra. Privately a lover of railroads and co-creator of the site "The Last Steam Engine Factory". His selected choral compositions are located in the library of choral works prepared by the Music Society. Edwina Kowalika and issued in accordance with the principles of the International Braille Music Notation. In 2022, 35 years will have passed since the first composition was performed in public.




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